Previously, I had been very fond of MileUp. The app offered a very large amount of money for your usual driving. Unfortunately, everything has changed. They no longer offer any money for driving. Instead, they have switched to offering prizes that you can only enter after driving a certain amount. The prizes are quite nice but are no longer guaranteed.

I am continuing to use the app, mostly out of habit, but can no longer recommend it. I am not sure what the odds of winning any prize would be, but I have to imagine it is low enough that most of us should never expect to win. The only thing the app still has going for it is that it offers $250 if you report an accident your in. Making it more like free deductible assistance than a source of income.

If you would like to join a site that still does offer money you should see my posts on Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars. Currently, Swagbucks is my favorite site, although I make on average just $25 a month it is the easiest income I have.


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