Product Review: Starbucks Caramel Latte K-CUPs

I have purchased Starbucks Caramel Latte K-CUPs a couple of times now. They are great considering how much cheaper they are than a regular Starbucks latte from their store but still have some significant differences. First, they are not as foamy as a real latte. They do form a slight foam which is nice, but it may not be what you expect. Second, they have tiny little pellets that stick to the side of the cup. Other than that the flavor is great.

As far as taste goes, they have a great mild coffee flavor, nice sweet caramel and the powdered milk is very natural seeming. The caramel is authentic feeling, but there is no drizzle like you would get from a coffee shop, although I think there is more caramel flavor to make up for it.  Overall I have to say its a great product.

Now for the cost. Since these come in packages of 6 and cost the same as any other Starbucks K-Cup, they are about twice as expensive. Right now there are some coupons available and are frequently on sale at grocery store. For me I find K-Cups to be relatively pricey in the first place and usually drink other forms of coffee, I find this to be a pretty good deal when they are on sale for a sweet afternoon treat, but wouldn’t drink these for my main coffee.


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